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Verifying I’m human#487

I’ll be honest with you. It’s sincerely offensive to my intelligence to have to prove to a robot, that I’m not one. Couple that issue with (that more often than not) the fact your algorithm doesn’t even know for itself what pictures contain the arbitrary item required for my “Touring test,” so I’m forced to waste even more time trying to “double down,” and plead my case to said robot that I’m not it’s peer. I promise you, there’s not many people in this world who care enough about any Discord Bot, to overload your site with robotic coding, just to vote the one, or two times a day. This issue has been prevalent often enough, that I would appreciate you giving us the option to downvote your “Captcha” bot itself. Thank you.

3 months ago

At least the current captcha is better than the crap Google serves up. It was taking 15-20 minutes to vote every time in the past due to how terrible google captcha can be. All for voting for bots on a social media site. It is easier to vote in an actual real life political election.

2 days ago