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Voting is not registering with the bot I am voting for.#388

I am unsure if this is an issue with or with the bot in question (Mudae) but the problem exists regardless.

a month ago

It is a problem with the design of the voting function of this site. It can fail to update the bot that a vote has been registered. A temporary fix is to use a new operating system with the latest browser. What it should do is register the vote, send the update to the bot, and then poll the bot to verify that the vote was registered.

a month ago

This happened to me again today. I voted using on a mobile with a firefox browser. The voting appeared to work, but the result was not registered with the bots. I cannot see why this is the case. It can also happen on desktop too.

23 days ago

I try to vote and it says im logged of my account what the hell are ya doing bro

11 days ago

No matter how many times I click ‘Vote’, it doesn’t let me vote, instead it keeps me having to click the ‘Vote’ button multiple times until I give up for another week of trying.

7 days ago